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Andean black bull Flowering 7in

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Pucara bull black with Flowers 7in tall

They Appeared in Pucara, Puno, during the colonial time under the intellectual conception of the magic religious culture and were born as a representation of the peasant's ceremonies of cattle bearing. This artistic form has been inherited trough hundreds of generations sustained in the belief that it provides new marriages with fertility, prosperity, happiness and the protection of home.

This is why the Pucara Bulls are given as a wedding gift and couples usually place them on the roof of their houses as a symbol of these virtues.

Item: #2110
Size: 7" H x 7" L x 3" W

Weight : 1.50

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Pucara bull Andean Fiesta 12in H

Pucara bull Andean Fiesta 12in H

  • Pucara is a quiet pueblo of a few thousand residents in the Andes of Peru.The Plaza of Armas have a beautiful Colonial Church. Pucara is famous for it's ceramic production, a tradition dating back at least 2500 years. The most famous of it's ceramic figurines are the Pucara Bulls or toritos; which can be found throughout the altiplano on the roof of houses to bring luck and fertility to the family.